California as you probably already know is in a prolonged drought and the water companies have effectively increased the money we will all be paying for the water we use.

Inside the homes many gains have been made with low water use shower heads and low water use toilets.

Outside the home – particularly in the landscapes some gains have been made with drip irrigation system, low flow heads, sub surface irrigation and larger planters and less grass. Some home owners have gone to synthetic sod or tried to implement a Xeriscape design. The alternatives to fescue grass are expensive and many homeowners enjoy the look and feel of real grass. Real grass is also cooler.
In anticipation of the summer months and hotter predicted temperatures, we have set out to develop a process that will help lower your water usage and still keep the lawns. Yes it does cost some, but a lot less than either a dead lawn or doing a conversion to a quality synthetic sod or Xeriscape design.

The steps are as follows:

  1. Flag the sprinkler locations.
  2. Aerate the lawn using a heavy duty machine. This process creates holes in the soil to a depth of 3-4 inches – we make several passes.
  3. Apply AquaSmart Pro This is a patented material that will retain moisture much longer than just the soil so you can water less.
  4. Reprogram the timer to water 3 days per week, one time per day. Monitor to see how much less water we can use. We will water only to keep the grass alive and green during the hot 3- 4 months.

You can click on the video below and see the entire process. 

E-mail Paul at indicate your address and best phone number and he will contact you to set up a quote. 

A typical front and back yard can be done for about $400.00 This will need to be done annually.
Please let me know if you are interested in having us do this for your lawns. Because of the sudden demand for this service I will only be able do a limited number of these services.