1. We locate the sprinkler heads and any drains that may be in the area
    to be xeriscaped. Then we use a sod-cutting machine to remove old
    grass/weeds and unwanted vegetation.

  2. The old grass and weeds are moved by wheelbarrow to our trailer. We take this material to a legal green waste dump in the area.

  3. The area is raked off and final graded and prepared for the concrete borders that make up the xeriscape design.

  4. The concrete borders are installed per the xeriscape design created by the homeowner and our company.

  5. The plants are installed with time-release tablets and B-1 to reduce transplant shock.

  6. A drip irrigation system is installed. This will provide water at the exact plant location and reduces water loss.

  7. The area is cleaned up; the timer is programmed to deliver the right
    amount of water for the season. We monitor the new installation for 4
    weeks. We can continue to protect your investment through an on-going
    maintenance program.

HOAs Can Not Disallow Xeriscape Landscapes

Refer to Assembly Bills:

  • AB1881 (PDF Download)
    An act to add Section 1353.8 to the Civil Code, to repeal and add
    Article 10.8 (commencing with Section 65591) of Chapter 3 of Division 1
    of Title 7 of the Government Code, to add Section 25401.9 to the Public
    Resources Code, and to add Article 4.5 (commencing with Section 535) to
    Chapter 8 of Division 1 of the Water Code, relating to water conservation. [Approved by Governor September 28, 2006. Filed with Secretary of State September 28, 2006.]

  • AB1061 (PDF Download)
    An act to repeal and add Section 1353.8 of the Civil Code, relating to
    common interest developments. [Approved by Governor October 11, 2009. Filed with Secretary of State October 11, 2009.]