Low Water Landscapes

California: Running Dry

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There are many methods that can reduce the amount of water used in a landscape and still maintain the health, appearance and function of the landscape. Here are just a few: 

  • Water-efficient landscape designs using low water-use plants
  • Efficient irrigation systems
  • Minimized turf areas
  • Soil improvements and mulch
  • Regular maintenance of irrigation systems
  • Regular adjustment of irrigation controllers
  • Scheduling irrigation during early or late hours
  • Water budgeting using evapotranspiration data from CIMIS and crop coefficients from “WUCOLS” – Water Use Classification of Landscape Species
  • Dedicated landscape water meters for monitoring of water budget and leak detection
  • Conformance to local or the State Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance
  • Education of residents, customers and employees regarding the importance of efficient water use.
  • Coordinate efforts with local water agency for incentives, rebates and planning programs.